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I remember in previous years getting a lot more information, photos, etc during the show posted here on the forums and on external sites as well. This year there is scant little news out - hopefully we'll see more soon.

Very true, Tim!

The only manufacturer that showed ANYTHING is EagleTac. 4Sevens with their cat and mouse SST-90 games, a few SF lights and nothing else. No word from NiteCore, Fenix etc. etc. etc.

The good news is, it is getting lighter and brighter every day so as the sun stays up longer... my needs diminish.

Now I'm looking for a modder to put a XP-G S2 bin (when available) in my Nitecore D10. The EagleTac single AA light looks great with 110 OTF lumens with it's R5, the Peak LEO lights look great along with the El Capitan.

Geez, it is like this stuff is a major secret or something. Either that, or there really is nothing new to report. Does this mean for the flashaholic that this years SHOT show was a waste of time?