I thought I would open this thread in the hopes that it would become a "repository" or a "body of knowledge". Rather than questions, it would primarily be a place to publish what we have learned for the benefit of all CPFers.

It would contain such things as:

o Step-by-step instructions on how you successfully built or modified a flashlight.

o Tips and tricks on how to correctly identify + and - on components; built jigs to hold a work piece; better ways to mix and apply epoxy; etc.

o Definitions and explanations of terminology such as AWG, Vf, Vin, anode, cathode, etc.

I suggest that the first line of the post contain a heading that would help the reader quickly get a feel for the subject of the post. (Note: I am not talking about the title of the thread - just the heading inside the post.)

For examples:

"PROJECT: How I built my own McLux"
"PROJECT: How I modified a MagLite 2AA using BB400 and Q3"
"TIP: Preparing wires for soldering"
"TRICK: Appling epoxy"
"WORKS-FOR-ME: Safely stripping thin gauge wire"
"EXPLANATION: of positive and negative"
"SUPPLIER FOR: thermal epoxy"
"SUPPLIER FOR: lubricant"
"PERFORMANCE: Battery life for BB400 and Q3 using 2AA"
"BEAM SHOTS: BB400/Q3 and BB500/Q3 using NX05"

On the line after the heading, type your information.

Another suggestion would be to post NEW DOCUMENTS as a response to this post. This will help to limit the depth of the tree view. Of course, it would be OK to reply to any posted document, but it would keep the tree flatter if NEW documents were attached to the this post.

Ideally, this will make it easier for us to find answers to questions that have been asked a thousand times. It will also serve as a source for ideas for new projects. If there is enough interest, we might be able to request that the moderator anchor this to the top of the forum so it is always available.

Well, that's the idea.

Now, who will be the first to contribute?

Chuck [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]