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Thread: un-potting a Hikari JC5607?

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    Default un-potting a Hikari JC5607?

    My shipment of 'poor man's 1909 bulbs' arrived today.
    Oh, but all was not as it should be...

    someone took my perfectly good bulbs and shoved them inside an mr11 glass enclosure with reflector, then sealed up the bottom with plaster.

    I've written to the seller as my transaction receipt indicates G4 bi-pin JC type and includes correct image of bi-pin bulb, not this mr11 bulb with reflector I received. But as these bulbs cost less then the shipping, I imagine I'll buy more rather then return these.

    The bulb I tested, with a perfectly centered filament, works fine, very bright, brighter then the stock reflector can contain. Powered by 8 depleted duracell 2650's light came through everywhere, barely a hotspot on the ceiling in comparision to the huge pool of light radiating from my hand. So I'm not using these stock, it needs a real reflector to harness the amazing luminosity. Also (mind you this was depleted cells) it overheated the enclosure and the glass turned frosted for ~30 minutes afterwards (you can see it has cleared up in the above pictures)

    Any suggestions for un-potting, practical or otherwise, please let me know. I have 10 left to free.
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