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Thread: Dive Lights Using Mineral Oil?

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    Default Dive Lights Using Mineral Oil?

    I've heard of divers filing regular flash lights with mineral oil and using them as dive lights.

    Other than being potentially messy does this work? Since this is the dive light forum I figured some of you had probably tried this in years past and was just curious as to what you learned.

    Does this have any adverse impact on li-ion batteries for instance?

    I would rather pick someone else's brain and learn from their mistakes if possible!

    This must impact the quality of the light output as well I would think.

    While I'm brain picking...has anyone experimented with potting led's, circuit boards or any other components in an effort to eliminate the damage should a light flood?

    I'm sure it's better to just design a light that doesn't flood but in the name of exploring all aspects of dive light construction/techniques I thought I'd ask.
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