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Thread: aspherical lens with tle-300?

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    Help aspherical lens with tle-300?

    Hello, i was thinking about putting a aspherical lens in my m@glite 4d with the terralux tle-300 m dropin installed. I currently dont own the dropin but i cant resist buying it because its unbelieveble power and a easy mod. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? I think the beam is going to look wierd because the led's are not in the center.


    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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    Default Re: aspherical lens with tle-300?

    I've been playing with a Plano-Convex 50mm Focal.

    When focus'd you get each led clearly visable.. IE 3 not so hot / hotspots

    An aspherical should give you the simular results

    (black spot in center is a piece of electrical tape so my camera would focus)

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    Default Re: aspherical lens with tle-300?

    Thnx for the quik reply and a nice foto to show the results. But thats not exacly what i want for my m@g so i am going to let that for what it is.

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