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Thread: Need Advice for choosing Night Vision

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    Default Need Advice for choosing Night Vision

    I'm going to get Gen-1 Night Vision for fun. I will use is for pest control game at night ( Rat Control ). Mostly I shoot the Rat between 7 - 10 meter. After done few research i stuck between this two brand

    ATN Viper

    Yukon NVMVT Google 1x24 Head Gear Kit

    Also there are separate video on youtube showing how this two NVG perform at night. From the video i saw Yukon NVM 1x24 produce brighter image than the ATN Viper. Also from the picture i feel that the Yukon NVM is more heavier and bulkier.

    Anyone has experience any of this NVM ? Which NVM should i get guys? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Need Advice for choosing Night Vision

    Whichever NV device you choose to get a flashlight with a Infrared pass filter on it will really make it work better in dark areas. I have a G2 with a $15 Spiderfire slipover the bezel IR pass filter I got from Ebay and it works great. Do a search on Ebay for Spiderfire IR filter and a bunch will come up. The filter seems to be glass and is encased in rubber which is said to fit 30-33mm size. Be sure to only use it with an incan bulb as LEDs produce very little IR. There is a very slight red glow seen from the flashlight with the filter in place. But it is not much and I'd say it is less than the look of a glowing cigarette. Remember if you get this setup to not look directly into the light with the filter on as IR light is coming out and your iris will not close down allowing all the light to enter your eye, even though you don't see any light. It makes my generation 2 work in complete darkness whereas without the light I can't see anything in total darkness. It is the same effect as turning on a flashlight in the dark. Remember that these NV devices only amplify the ambient light, in the absence of light you will see very little. You can buy the Surefire M1 IR illuminator but for $15 you can't go wrong. I found free shipping too.

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