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Thread: Stock market up or down for monday?

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    Default Stock market up or down for monday?

    NO POLITICKING PLEASE...underground for that stuff. What your guess? If health care passes? If it doesn't ? And how big of rally or drop?

    Look into your crystal balls....up or down...big time or small time.

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    Default Re: Stock market up or down for monday?

    Up short term if health care passes ( the insurance companies stand to gain about 30 million relatively healthy customers ), probably little or no change if it doesn't. Long term outlook depends upon whether or not we get health care costs and the deficit under control. I personally don't think having health insurance makes people healthier, so lower health care costs are not a given.

    Another factor to consider is the new health care bill would tie the hands of insurance companies. The only reason they're ( mostly ) onboard is the individual mandate which guarantees them millions of new, mostly healthy customers from whom they will be getting more in premiums than they're paying out. Problem is it's entirely possible the Supreme Court could find the individual mandate unconstitutional. The insurance companies would still have their hands tied by the new law, but now wouldn't have a lot of those relatively healthy people buying insurance to make up for their losses on sick people. I think this latter scenario is highly likely. When put under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court, it would probably be found that the Federal government ( or any other level of government ) doesn't have the authority to force a citizen to contract with a private company. This isn't like the auto insurance analogy which is often used. You don't have to have auto insurance. You can choose not to own a car, and thus not be forced to contract with a private company. A health insurance mandate basically forces you to contract with an insurance company just by virtue of being alive. A single payer system like Canada has is more likely to pass constitutional muster, but that's not even on the table.

    That's about as non-political as I could make it.

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    Default Re: Stock market up or down for monday?

    WAY Down.........

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    Default Re: Stock market up or down for monday?

    The insurance companies stand to make a lot of money if it passes, and lets face it, the dow is mostly counting financial firms, not the "real" economy. The health insurance companies face one of two decisions - take on the new deal, or continue on with loosing customers as the number of under employed continues to rise. Pretty soon, the pain will sink in even for them.

    The professional investors have already counted heads, taken the risk / reward into account, and programmed it into their computers. Since 50% of all daily NYSE transaction are done this way, then that means it is already programmed into the prices, and the investments are already made and hedged.

    I can't actually tell if my family will be better off or worse off with it or not. Either way, it won't fix the worlds problems, nor end civilization as we know it.
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    Default Re: Stock market up or down for monday?

    down if it passes!!!!! more sick people to be covered than not sick.government take over of healthcare very bad!!!!!!! look at the USPS,socialsecurity,soon broke and what ever they run!!! there are too many moochers and not enough tax payers. how can uncle sam keep spending money like this?? zillion will be in the debt over the next 3 years so sad it is.

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    Default Re: Stock market up or down for monday?


    I made a killing shorting medical stocks when Hillary tried this last time.

    For the economy and our national fiscal health, this bill is a disaster and not even about health care.

    Without getting political, this bill is a poison pill and the rest of the world is watching this vote closely because of our debt situation. It is no secret we have been monetizing our debt for some time now to pay for deficit spending and interest payments. This is only going to accelerate if they jam this bill through. In fact, the situation has gotten so bad the Chinese (the US's #1 creditor) have had to manipulate thier own currency (other reasons are also involved) and are now playing the same games we are because they are so tied to what happens here.

    The situation is so serious some economists have forcast bankruptcy for the US in 4-10 years if this bill passes, not my opinion, theirs.

    If the bill passes by thuggery, most likely the Supreme Court will strike it down as there are several constitutional problems with it.

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    Default Re: Stock market up or down for monday?

    It's time to move it to the Underground.

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