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Thread: Surprise purchase - Sylvania Mushroom LED Table Lamp

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    Default Surprise purchase - Sylvania Mushroom LED Table Lamp

    I was at Lowes the other day just browsing the lighting area not the flashlight area. They had a whole section of Sylvania colored LED light bulbs, a LED work light with a 15" long goose neck OSRAM SYLVANIA Online Store - LED Work Light, and some other kinds of unusal LED products. I bought one of these to check it out: Shop SYLVANIA LED Mushroom Table Lamp at Lowes.com. It is a 3 AA 12 OSRAM LED 8" tall ~4" diameter mushroom looking table lamp. It's pretty bright, can be used for outdoor lighting at barbecues, parties, emergency use, etc I ram some tests on it, the first with Rayovac alkaline batteries, and it had a 12 hour sun mode and a very long gradual diminishing output after that. I stopped the test after 15 hours and found out that I stopped the test way too soon, it was still very bright although the brightness had diminished some. . I will have to run that test again and let it run a lot longer. I'm in the middle of running tests on 3 different brands/mAh of NMH batteries. I will update with the NMH runtimes when I get them all done. It's not regulated, but I wouldn't worry about that. Obviously the NMH batteries will make it semi-regulated anyway. It's a battery vampire too. Cost was only $15. I'm gonna have to go back to Lowes and get a few more. There are 2 Lowes stores rather close to me, one had all the Sylvania products the other store hadn't received any yet, so you may not find them at first. My only reak complaint is that the on/off switch is on the bottom of the lamp instead of on the top.

    There was one flashlight among the other stuff on the display shelf, but couldn't get a real good look at it thru the packaging.
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    Default Re: Surprise purchase - Sylvania Mushroom LED Table Lamp

    Any pictures of the lamp, in use or at rest?
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