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Thread: Why carry two EDC knives?

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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    Victorinox Cadet always on me. I'm on a college campus where most people aren't knife people. But I have another folder for when I'm with cool people (often larger, but a Dragonfly if I'm in gym shorts.)

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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    Quote Originally Posted by tokerblue View Post
    For me, it's simple. I carry an Emerson CQC-10 for self defense. I carry a Benchmade Kulgera or Spyderco Pacifico for cutting tasks. I don't cut anything with my Emerson.

    This ^. One is a tactical folder for defense, and the other is a utility service pocketknife.
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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    I like to carry a folder on my person but keep a Leatherman and bit kit in my bag for repairs and things like that. I really love using the folder for actual knife tasks but at least the Leatherman also provides a couple backup knives (Leatherman Surge).

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    Smile Re: Why carry two EDC knives?


    I carry 2 EDC: Firebird F7542 and Gerber Obsidian-Serrated. My knives are different, but they meet all my requirements

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    Quote Originally Posted by LedTed View Post
    Hello all,

    While recently searching YouTube for knife tips and gems, I've seen time and time again that people carry two (or more) knives for urban EDC.

    I don't understand the need for this duplication.

    Would anyone, kindly, be willing to share their insight?

    Any help would be appreciated,
    urban edc: in reality, you'd like to have on to assist in simple tasks. if it is no longer in a working order then you can go home and grab a new one.

    But, in a situation where stuff goes really bad (low probability, high impact. like being trapped somewhere during a disaster or getting caught in a seariously life threatening situation where the only way out is by becoming physical) you'd want a knife capable of heavy work and capable of 'tactically' handling situations. a fixed blade would be my tool of choice.

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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    As some others have suggested, one small blade which operates as a money clip and the other larger (normal) size for regular use.
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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    I am as much a "knifeholic" as a flashaholic. My knife "collection" numbers about 300. And as much as I look around I keep coming back to kitchen cutlery in terms of style. Here in Michigan we have 2 rules/statutes on the books. One mentions a 3 inch length limit for concealed carry and the other mentions "intention." So the Police tend to lean on the 3 inch part and the Courts tend to lean on the intention part.
    I carry a small folder, usually a Victorinox, for small stuff like cleaning my nails or splinter removal. My main EDC is a modified steak knife in a sheath inside my waistband, on an angle. The best word to describe it is Arabesk (that's the first time I've ever spelled it). Picture an Arab or India guy in the movies with his short, curved sword tucked under his belt/sash, usually a long thin cloth tied around his waist. I have looked into a lot of carry methods and this has prooven to be the most comfortable. Being (almost) horizontal it bends with me rather than poking me in the gut as most sheath knives do. On special, dress up occasions I have a small Japanese Damascus blade in wood sheath that occupies the same position.
    Oh the modification? I cut it down to just under 3 inches, 2.980 according to my calipers. It's overall shape is that of a Canadian Belt knife, designed about 125 years ago. But the edge is more Santaku. In Michigan you never tell a Police Officer that it is carried for self defense, the intention part of the rules mentioned above. It is a utility knife and I eat with it.
    It is interesting to note that we, as Humans, have been using sharp edged tools for over 1 million years! A lot longer than using Fire. The animal kingdom comes self equipped with claws and teeth. So our knives are our claws, of course we carry more than one...
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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    Two is one ,one is none. I don't always carry a second knife but that is the main reason why I do. One of the knives is an SAK so it is multi-purpose to begin with and the other is a dedicated small locking folder.
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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    Well used CRK BG42 Sebenza and a Havalon Piranta Stag. One is "heavy use" and the other is "light disposable". They must always be sharp.

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    Default Re: Why carry two EDC knives?

    Typical is an CRK Umnumzaan old pivot in the pocket and a Spyderco ManBug HAP40 on the keychain. Why carry two? In case I prefer not to carry the other. For example, I do not pocket carry the CRK to the gym and prefer to leave my keys in the hotel safe when traveling.

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