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Thread: OMG distract me!

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    Popcorn OMG distract me!

    The mail truck just pulled into neighborhood and is putting mail into the box's, and into one of the box's is going to go the guts for my FM D36 host.....this will be one of the longer 15 minutes of my life if you guys don't help me out! *dances around in glee and merriment*

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    Default Re: OMG distract me!

    too late! you're probably already playing with it :3

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    Default Re: OMG distract me!

    Bah, you're lucky. My bare E2C is in my mailbox, and I'm nowhere near it right now.

    Worse, Lighthound won't have the batteries I want/need for two weeks.

    Enjoy your D36.

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    My LS20 got to the delivery center on friday after they'd finished deliveries... Have to wait until tomorrow morning to get it!!!

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