I'm picking up my Tri-V tomorrow at the post office and can't wait to program it!

I will be using AW IMR's in it and want to have an identical emitter set up as the stock power levels, but up it to the capabilities the IMR's offer. What's some good power settings for doing that?

• knob position 1: MC-E @ 5mA (flood)
• knob position 2: XP-G @ 15mA (reflector)
• knob position 3: XP-G @ 80mA (reflector)
• knob position 4: XP-G @ 800mA (reflector)
• knob position 5: MC-E @ 1000mA (flood)
• knob position 6: XR-E @ 1000mA (spot)

Since these are the stock power settings, how much higher should I go with the IMR's?