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Thread: Help with LED for Headlight ring

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    Default Help with LED for Headlight ring

    I bought some 11000 MCD red 5mm LED's. there alright bright....
    But is there anything thats brighter. Im making a halo ring for some headlights and i want them to seen during the day. is there anything out there in the 3-5mm range thats bright enough to do this?

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    I don't think your going to get anything near bright enough outta any 5mm LEDs. I think you are going to have to figure out a way to use some more powerfull LEDs like REBELS or the like, course then you have to factor in cooling those LEDs. By the way a word of advise, red halos will get you pulled over and ticketed in most states and countries.....

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    ya but I have to stay with either a 3 or 5mm. im thinking ouf using some acrylic rod and drilling holes not in the ends but thought the rod placing 10-15 in a ring facing out should do the trick and keeping them in the acrylic should keep it from looking like 15 single lights. and keep that little bit of light scatter down.

    also they will be wired to a switch i wont be running them while the car is moving....at least thats what i tell myself now.

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