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Thread: Danner Boots

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted some advice with a new pair of boots i bought. i could'nt find them on the Danner website hence why i posted here. Do i need to treat them with any conditioner to prevent stains before wearing them. Also i got them for $100 is that a good price ?

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    They look like newbuck and swade boots ,there are several means but the best way to maintain breethability would be to use a nickwax based clener /proofer they make one specifically for the materials mentiond this will also help reduce the staning on them but not completley as the materials are quite porous.

    conditioner for leathers is usuall for the smooth type not newbuck/swade

    DO not use wax/conditioner as this will negate the benefits of the gore membrain!!

    hope this helps and happy treckkin
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    Default Re: Danner Boots

    Thanks for the advice matey

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    Other than brushing and some brushing and a bit of Camp Dry, I never put anything on my newbuck Danners. I've owned four pairs of various Danner boots and the higher end ones, like what you have, have always been fantastic. In fact, they've been the best boots that I've ever owned. I finally retired a pair just a couple of weeks ago after much use over the period of about 8 years. As far as the price goes, I think you did great! Great grab!

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    Thank you Patriot, i decided to let them be and just use a boot brush whenever required.

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    I believe Danner makes their out products for cleaning boots. They are available on there website just my two cents.

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