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Thread: Charge TTi Sheath

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    Default Charge TTi Sheath

    Hi Gang,
    I managed to lose my EARLY Charge TTi with leather sheath (don't ask), and just recently bought a replacement

    I REALLY do NOT like the new leather sheath, the elastic sides are VERY low, and the leather bends enough that the flap comes off of the top of the TTi, and it can fall out

    Anyone know of a good aftermarket sheath? - It CAN be nylon
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    Default Re: Charge TTi Sheath

    Leatherman's Nylon sheath for the Wave and Charge have not changed so they are ok.

    If you want something tougher, get a Maxpedition sheath.
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    Default Re: Charge TTi Sheath

    I got a sheath from Leatherman a couple of months ago that is for the Charge TTI, that is a combination of leather and nylon, and also has 2 side slots that fit a flashlight and a pen, and a slot for the bit holder, works great

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    Default Re: Charge TTi Sheath

    I use Leatherman's leather and nylon sheath with my Charge TTi, and it has been excellent. I use the nylon side pockets for a Leatherman Serac 2 and a Fisher Space Pen. This has been a very handy arrangement for me.

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    Default Re: Charge TTi Sheath

    I really dislike the sheath that came with my TTi. The leather feels like plastic and the button barely stays snapped

    Do you guys have any better alternativs?

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    Default Re: Charge TTi Sheath

    I switch to Kydex 4 years ago and won't go back to either leather or nylon.

    The Leather sheath was too tight for the first 6 months. good for a year and then was on the verge of falling apart until i retired it.

    I only have one thing to say about nylon. Velcro... I hate it!!!
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