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Thread: Soccer City's Lights

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    Default Soccer City's Lights

    As much as Spain deserved to win, i was wondering what type of lapms were used to illuminate the massive 86,000 seater stadium? I know it has to be metal halide but whats the wattage, how do the lamps look like, how huge are the reflectors. How many lamps were there?

    Also there were some nice short arcs on the top of the stadium beaming tight beams into the sky. Any details about them?

    BTW, i'm quite sad WC ended so soon, its aways nice to have something like this go on forever.

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    Default Re: Soccer City's Lights

    I wasn't watching, but probably something like this:

    I think 1500w is the largest MH I've heard of?

    I've been thinking about picking up a few for...uh...accent lights.
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