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Thread: Streamlight Waypoint Spotlight Thoughts

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    Default Streamlight Waypoint Spotlight Thoughts

    Hey guys, I recently bought a streamlight waypoint spotlight last week and wanted to post some pictures and initial thoughts on it. First off I've never done a review before so bear with me please

    I haven't used it outside yet since I want to take it to the park where it's pitch black and do some comparing with all my lights together. Hopefully I'll get some outdoor pictures tomorrow night and update this post with those.
    Note: I have no idea how to add images right into the post so here's a link to my flickr account with 14 pictures


    The pictures show the size of the waypoint, which I think it is very good if you need to grab something quickly and run outside or something, compared to the stanley HID it's small, and lighter. Although the weight of the waypoint is manageable, it did surprise me when I picked it up, I thought the batteries were already in it but they weren't. So I added the 4 - c cell batteries and the weight increased! The waypoint has three different modes, low, high, and strobe. It uses a c4 led and in the picture of the back of the box you can see the graph for the runtime. So far I haven't used it outside but at nightime inside it looks impressive, although when I first turned it on during the day I wasn't impressed at all and thought it was a waste of money; that opinion has changed dramatically and I think this is a good buy.

    Regarding the body of the spotlight it is easy to hold, having a rubber part where your palm goes, so it fits good in my hand. One thing I don't like about it is that to put the batteries in you have to unscrew a thumb-type screw on the back to get the cover off, I was able to do this without a screwdriver but it's still an annoyance, I suppose it needs this since it uses big c cell batteries and they would probably push the back cover off easily?; I would have prefered it to be rechargable like my stanley HID but it's not, so I bought a 12 pack of c-cells at home depot for around $11 bucks, one thing good about this light is you can plug it into your car power, and the connection for that is on the bottom.

    What makes this light very nice though is the stand it has on the top, allowing you to set it down and illuminate an area you want so you don't have to hold it, I counted 16 'clicks' different positions the stand will move into, so you can change the angle of the light. It also has a lanyard that comes attached and a little plastic piece on the bottom of the lanyard which I'm assuming is for weight?, It seems like maybe it's there to tighten the lanyard up on your wrist, but when I tried to do this I found it quite difficult.

    On top of the light there's a little metal hook which I assume is so you can hang it on the wall, but you could probably attach a longer lanyard to that and another part of the light so you can carry it on your shoulder kinda like I did with the stanley HID, in the pictures you can see I put the light into my cargo pocket in my pants, and while it was difficult to fit in I think that would be a fine carrying place for it if you want it with you but out of the way, and you can take it out of the pocket easier than getting it in. Also in the pictures you see the size comparison of the waypoint with the stanley HID, surefire m6, surefire lx2, streamlight microstream, fenix pd20, streamlight argo hp headlamp,and some cr123 batteries.

    Another thing to note is the waypoint did not come with any kind of instructions, which I wish it had, overall this seems like a quality spotlight for $60 bucks and I think the stand is going to come in very handy, main reason I bought this was I needed something for long range, and I was originally going to buy a streamlight super tac but got this instead, now I don't know if I should still get the super tac or how it would perform compared to my other lights, so if anyone has a recommendation of weather I should buy that light let me know please!

    Like I said I'm going to try and get some outdoor shots uploaded soon, I just have to research what modes to set my camera to regarding the iso and all that, and if anyone can help me out with how to post images directly into my post I'd appreciate that, I read on here that the pictures have to be 800 x 800 pixels max?,
    thanks everyone,
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