I am new to this forum and I just got a MH-C9000 charger when it is on sale on Newegg canada. I have a few questions on using the charger and hope some one can help me answer it.

1. I have several rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries just show "HIGH" or simply show nothing and repeat to the selection screen as if I insert a new battery again and again. Some of them are old batteries which I assume are dead. But there is one Sanyo 2500mah which is not too old (2 years old I guess) and showing "HIGH" and when I discarge, it shows 0 mah, however, I can still use it in my wireless mouse just fine. Can I do anything in general to let the charger accept batteries like that?

2. I just start to use break-in mode after "refresh and analyze" most of my batteries, strange enough, first battery went from 810mah to 770mah after break in (OK, not too much difference), second Sanyo 2500mah went from 1850mah (evaluated after using refresh and analyze mode) to 6 mah after break-in?? Does that mean sth. is wrong, can break-in mode be harmful for some batter?

3. I bought several new pack of AA duraloops and one pack of new powerex 2700mah AAs, I have no use of them probably until a few month later. Is that better to break-in these batteries now, or should I wait till I have use for it to do a break-in.

4, How is the lifespan of enloops and other rechargebles if I did not use them that much. I bought more batteries than I need when they are on sale. Just wondering how long they will last if I didn't use them much.