I've worked with 5mm leds, 5mm superflux, 10mm leds and now I would like to make a light with 1 w red/white/blue/green leds. (secondary emergency lights for voluntary fire/ems etc...) These lights should not be on very long. - And yes I know all of the laws re: emergency lights so don't need that help

( Started first p7 3d mag mod too - yeah can't wait)

I will heat sink the leds use optics and would like to flash them via a sho-me 27 pattern flasher.(I'm waiting on an answer from the company to see if the output is a constant 12v, which would make it a bit easyer)

I've been looking at low voltage buck drivers here....

hxxp://www.videofoundry.co.nz/ianman/laboratory/research/driverlist.php?price_max=13&stock=instock&type=buc k&v_in_min=10&v_in_max=14&leds=3



The first leds I'd like to use a red (min 1.8V - typical 2.4V) 300mA
can I run 5 in series off a 12v constant current? If I'd like to only run 4 would I have to use a resistor as I would with 5mm/10mm leds?

I'd like to then also run white (min 3V - typical 3.2V) 300mA+
can I run 4 in series off a 12V Constant current?

I'm kinda getting this LED stuff but just need a bit of help as these 1 w leds are not that cheap and blowing a few wouldn't be good. I'd like to keep costs down as much as I can also. Any help would be great.