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Thread: Help with old ASP incan.. what is it?

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    Default Help with old ASP incan.. what is it?

    Ok -
    Years ago...I'm thinking 10-15, I found this light in the back of a rent-a-car in Florida on a vacation. On the head, it says what I think is ASP, with a number AI13336. When I found it, I wasnt really into all of this and just kept it. Funny, I am totally into flashlights now , and forgot about this guy as I gave it to my roomate as a SHTF light. Uses 2xCR123. The closest I have been able to find online is this:


    Anyone have one of these? I took it apart, and it looks like it has an internal focus incan bulb -- where u can get a needle point throw out of it, to a pretty wide hotspot depending on how far you screw in the bulb. It seems like it has a brighter/tighter spot than my E2e incan..although focus im sure has something to do with my perception. The E2e has more spill, but when it comes to having a tight spot for throw is no contest. The tailswitch is very smooth and ridiculously quiet, and I just realized that this is probably my brightest incan. [My dad has a C3 with a P90- but havent had a chance to compare -- its not that bright]. It has a nice grippy foam sheath around the body and is very comparable sizewize to my 6PL.

    Either way, curious if anyone has one, where I could get replacement bulbs [current one works, but its NICE] and...just your thoughts. Any clue on lumens? And if anyone knows if they will run AW's RCR123's? already blew a bulb tonight switching my E2e from a LED conversion head to the old incan head and forgetting about the 3.7v.

    My first post in the incan forums. Thanks guys.

    Next to 6PL

    Bulb unscrewed from head

    Beamshot ASP, with crappy iPhone. The tightness of the hotspot is actually drown out with the pic. it is a more focused hotspot.

    E2e incan beamshot. bigger flood. in person, the ASP seems tighter and brighter.

    ASP v. 6PL. I have a lotta LED's, but, the blue...the blue....

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    Default Re: Help with old ASP incan.. what is it?

    Don't put two 3.7V AW cells in there as it will blow the bulb when you switch it on. It's only for use with primaries. I don't see those lights very often, nice find! If you want some replacement bulbs it looks like they still have some ASP II bulbs at the link you referenced. I assume that is the correct bulb as the ASP I bulbs are for the single cell model I believe. They have a single cell LED model of this light out now.

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    Default Re: Help with old ASP incan.. what is it?

    IIRC, way back in the early days of CPF, there were some discussions about ASP lights. I'm not sure if it was the batonlight or some other model that was touted as being one of the flashlights (at that time!) with the tightest, farthest-reaching(throw) beam.

    Just looked, and there is an ASP website: asp-usa.com, which includes a catalog of their complete line of products, not just lights.

    BTW, when you found the light all those years ago, did you ever try turning it in to the rental car company so that they could find the original owner? I know I would have been bummed if If had somehow left a light in a car, and nobody turned it in.
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    Default Re: Help with old ASP incan.. what is it?

    ampdude..thank ya for the idea. I'm going to try and see if one of those bulb replacements works. I poof'd an e2e incan blub the other day forgetting I had 3.7v guys in there. Bonehead. There went my only spare.

    flashfan- I'll say this, I know it was a long time back -- I am almost 38 - I have this memory being in the back of a rent-a-car with my dad when I was a teenager, with my bros at disneyworld. But that goes back almost 20 years. And - I am thinking with flashlight tech...that cant be right - that cant be when I found it, but thats all I remember. And...without a doubt, especially now, I'd would without a doubt turn it in. I guess, back then, I was unenlightened, not thinking that a flashlight found in the back of a car would be worth anything. And it had wierd batteries. I'd love to date/track it with the serial; I am going to email ASP. If they have an owner, I hope he/she is on here. But..now I have a total guilt trip. Thanks. :P

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