Just got a TF SSC-P7 and looking around for batteries.

I called a local battery specialty store that carries all sorts of oddball kinds, and they never heard of a flashlight that uses 18650 batteries before.

"Are you sure its an 18650?"
"Yes, that's what the specs call for."
"Can you bring it in?"

So I brought it in, and they still didn't believe it until they dropped a couple of cells into the flashlight, and they fit, and it worked. The guy at the counter was really surprised. He explained that they normally use these cells (without the buttons on the end) to rebuild laptop battery packs. I explained to him that there are many high end flashlights that use these cells. So they're going to take a couple of their stock laptop cells and attach buttons to them to make them work in this light.

I'm hoping that they'll take an interest in high end lights and consider stocking some batteries for them. In the interim I've ordered a couple more batteries and a charger from Lighthound.

...and from what I've been reading in my searches, I am SO glad I didn't buy a Trustfire charger! I bought an Ultrafire WF-139 instead. I hope that's a good choice.