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    Default Hi All

    up till now i have always had regular flashlights and maglights
    then last week i bought an 80 lm dorcy at kmart
    that night i tryed it out and could not belive how powerfull it was
    i then started looking for more power and found this forum
    i have learned a great deal so far and i am looking forward to learning more
    thx all for the great info

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    Hi MrJinks.
    I agree that there is a bunch of good information on CPF.
    I've learned alot, but much more to go.
    Because of what I've read here, I ordered 3 Quarks last week.
    Life is good.

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    Hello MrJinks .
    prepare to be assimilated! lol
    There is soooo much to learn here and so much to buy here ....

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    Here is a good thread to get you started around here:

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    I need advise:
    from now on your wallet and you are enemies

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    My wife always trys to hide my check on pay day lol.

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    Yup, from now on you are going to walk through the flashlight section of every store you go to. Just wait till you don't find anything bright anymore and have to start making them yourself.
    One of us.

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    Funny how that works. I just bought a dorcy LED myself and was impressed by it. Dorcys are the gateway drug to CPF.

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    Welcome MrJinks
    A backup wallet might be a good idea considering the wear the existing one's about to experience.

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