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Thread: What is the average lifetime of a Princeton Tec Rage bulb ?

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    Question What is the average lifetime of a Princeton Tec Rage bulb ?

    I bought a Princeton Tec Rage and a Princeton Tec Tec 40 tonight.

    I am so impressed by the beam pattern, the brightness of the Rage, and the compact size that I think it could turn out to be an excellent indoor household flashlight.

    My sole hesitation is the bulb. Online the price seems reasonable at around $ 5.00 But all the reputable online retailers don't offer anything cheaper than $ 6.00 for shipping by UPS

    At $ 5.00 + $ 6.00 I could buy a whole new Rage. So, if I were going to keep this Rage and economically replace the bulbs down the road, I'm faced with buying online at least two or more bulbs at a time.

    What kind of life expectancy can I expect from the bulb ? Neither Princeton Tec nor any of several retailers have any information that I could spot that addresses this question.
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