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Thread: My second light!

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    Default My second light!

    Well I wanted to try something basic so I went with a single 18650, MC-E, aspheric, and direct drive. I also wanted to charge without having to remove the batteries so I came up with (I think) a cool charging stand.

    Here is the light in the stand. The sleeve is delrin to insulate and the base is 304 SS...just because. I also wanted some weight.

    And the inside of the base. These are two neodymium magnets that float up and down. They, of course, mate with magnets on the tail of the light, which are fixed in place.

    The center post is negative and the outside post is positive. I needed to put one (or the other) directly in the center so I didn't get the polarity crossed. I just stick it in the stand and rotate till the outside magnet clicks into place. It's audible and tactile.

    A couple of glamor shots. Sorry I haven't had the time to take some awesome photos of the light in the bushes or something. I love those.

    And everyone loves the "down the barrel" shot right?

    And before anyone gets excited, a beam shot! Now this is a weird aspheric that has a curve on both sides. It actually produces a wide beam, so it's not a thrower...at least to the extent that I have it defocused. Not what I expected but I actually like the combination of wide beam and aspheric pattern. It's awesome for short distances.

    The artifacts look a little worse in the photo than in person, but on a mixed background they are even harder to notice. I suppose an SST50 would solve this...and I could match that with my new 3 mode (.120/1.4/2.8 amp) driver from shining beam. Stay tuned and watch me burn my fingers on that build.

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    Default Re: My second light!

    Nice! I like the creativity that shows in your work.

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    Default Re: My second light!

    Simple and effective, and the charging station is a nice touch too.

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    Default Re: My second light!

    The beam actually looks pretty cool. Maybe not the most useful beam ever, but it's got style.

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    Default Re: My second light!

    Very nice.

    I have used that aspheric with XR-E's and it throws really well when focused on a small die

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    Default Re: My second light!

    Awesome design!

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    Default Re: My second light!

    nice and simple design... i like it...

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    Default Re: My second light!

    Well done. I really like the styling, and it looks tough. Clever charger interface!

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    Default Re: My second light!

    Clever indeed, and that is a very useful beam.
    Cool design- put a lampshade on top of that while it's charging and it wouldn't look out of place on the living room table.
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