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    Au knurling

    Ok, so now I know what I've got and being a tinkerer at heart,
    anyone know where I could get this light knurled?
    Yes, I'm serious..have very dry skin on hands.
    But anyway a Quality work like the rest of the project or not at all.
    Regards, Chuck

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    Default Re: knurling

    You'll need to post a pic of the light you want knurled, so there's a potential for an estimate, since you give no information about its size. It could be as big as an SR90, or as small as a Solitaire for all we know.

    You don't have to worry about Mac producing less than top quality work.


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    Default Re: knurling

    I guess he´s talking about his MAC SST-50 EDC. I have to admit, I can´t imagine knurling on these. My mind might need some help though

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    Yes, it's an EDC Al SST-50 2.8A 5700, or ther a'bouts.
    Need Top Quality knurling;or,as we oldheimers usta call it
    fine line checkering. Perhaps some cerakote??

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