All. After discovering the Lux-RC LE a couple of months back I built up just one into a Orb for trial. Truly amazed with this LE I wanted to do a special small build of these right out of my workshop. For the last couple of weeks I have been making custom parts to make up 5 Aluminium Orb's with the amazing Lux-RC light engine.

I took photos during the process, a few to many to upload here so I put some on the Lummi torches facebook page here:

I have just about finished these tonight am going to offer just 5 for sale.

There will be more photos tomorrow along with a short movie to demo the switching of 3 levels, 2% /20% /100%

Compatible with single 17670 Li-ion or 2 x CR123 cells which can be primary of Li-ion.

Cost is £195 GBP. These parts took along time are all custom made by me. Most likely that there will only be this 5 of these ever made.

Any interest please send me an email, if the 5 all get spoken for then it will be a first come first served basis.