New USB charger for the 10180 14250 Li-ion for the Wees the Raws added here:

These are from Cottonpickers on CPFMP

Compact really neat, I think with a little refinement in time will be the perfect charger for the Lummi torches.

To begin I felt it best to offer these as seen plan to make a case down the line. The nice thing about the basic way they are at the moment means we can offer them at low cost.

Adding the case will of course add cost.


Tapers current down to (so quickly gets you to 4v then slower to end)

Termination voltage is 4.2v +/- 1%

Simple LED that lights while charging goes out when done

No trickle charging (When charging finished, only 2 microamps register)

Soft start if your cell is below 2.9v

Reverse polarity protection (won't break if you connect battery wrong way round)

Short-circuit protection (won't break if the leads touch each other when plugged in)

Magnets in the croc clip jaws so they stick to the battery easily