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Thread: worth geting this light?

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    Default worth geting this light?

    its at big lots whcih is a discount store.its 2 million candle power some brand that a course i forget name of.but im sure its no name thats big in the industry.but 2 million candle power rechagbel for 15.99?think its worth itor should i save for something else

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    Default Re: worth geting this light?

    well.. if you have some use for a spotlight, i think a 2 million candlepower spotlight for 16 bucks wouldn't be a bad deal..

    but i'd definitely check for a warranty first in case it sucks.. (falls apart soon, bulb fails, bad beam, etc)

    maybe you could consider blinding those black widows with it so they can't see you coming to do your work.

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    Default Re: worth geting this light?

    I think it's probably the same light I bought about a month ago, also at Big Lots. So far, no problems, but it's seen very little use. It will really throw a beam, and the little auxillary light is about like a 2D light. My only real concern is availability of bulbs and battery. For the money it seems worth it.

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    Default Re: worth geting this light?

    Just saw this at Big Lots yesterday. Here in Topeka Kansas they are Colemans. Had camo, yellow, and red. Uses standard H3 100 watt bulbs. Looked real good to me. I would have picked it up, but I felt it would be like adultery to my Versalite.

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