While waiting for parts to mod my Tiablo I am working up an idea to mod a Milwaukee M12 light. http://www.milwaukeetool.com/tools/c...ght/49-24-0145

I want to build a hand held red light that uses the M12 batteries, which I have quite a few of, and puts out far throwing red spot with as little spill as possible. I can fabricate whatever I need as far as replacing the lens, even if I have to build a new head from scratch, but I figure its the best place to start considering that I want to use the batteries.

My question is on selecting a led and driver to hook to the 12v battery. I was looking at the Luminous SST-90-R but when looking at their site, http://www.luminus.com/content1453 , I started reading about the CBT-120-R. Of course with me being a complete neophyte I dont know what to think about the funny little shape it comes in. Is it just going to be a matter of size? The CBT is going to eat up a little over 1.5 across its length where the SSTs footprint is only about 25% of the CBTs. Anything else I should take into consideration here? And how about figuring the driver for either of these? As I stated above I will have 12v to work with.