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Thread: New Solarforce RCR123A test

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    Default New Solarforce RCR123A test

    These are the new RCR123A batteries from Solarforce ...

    DIA = 16.7mm

    Length = 36.1mm

    Protection Circuit [ cuts in @ 3v to protect against over discharge ]

    Tested against AW Protected RCR123A , and the RED and Black Trustfires [ RCR123A ]

    I was lucky to get my hands on some of the new Solarforce batteries . And I would like to thank

    for the opertunity to test the new cells . The first thing I wanted to test for was discharge levels , in other words

    how well the cells are matched for discharge , and to say I was suprised is an understatement . The cells are very well

    matched , and I find no fault in this regard . I tested at different levels and if they were not to close to call they

    were the same [ results ] , for example , with the SSC P7 pill in the L2m , I got 2A even for the cells tested . This is

    better than expected , considering the little RCR123A's would have been pushed very hard .

    Testing the older Solarforce RCR123A resulted in 1.79A in the SSC P7

    The AW RCR123A did 1.81A

    And the new Solarforce RCR123A as mentioned did 2A even .

    Now this runtime graph is going to look a little different , simply because Im using a single mode low voltage Solarforce

    pill in my L2M [ 1 x CR123A with single mode XR-E R2 ] , which would be Buck Boost ... which hopefully explains the curve ..

    Now termination came about from the protection circuit activating at 3v under load , all batteries tested , were terminated by the PTC ...

    And as can be seen , the new Solarforce RCR123A perform very well .

    They performed well in discharge [ well matched ] , as well as capacity , and look to be a serious contender for your hard earned money .

    Updated : Got me a Hobby Charger = Discharged @ 0.5A and returned 721mAh capacity discharged to 3v
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