I have been using a leather bag from Coach on and off through the years, but the leather bag (although beautiful) was small and a little bit weak/flimsy, so for years I wanted something better and tougher. Well, early this year I finally found Saddleback Leather and with my new job I sold the older Coach bag on Ebay and bought a new leather briefcase in large size, and Tobacco color. Yes, the Saddleback leather pieces are expensive, but so was the Coach bag, and there is no comparison - you definitely get your money's worth on the Saddleback Leather bag!

This was my original Coach leather briefcase:

And here is my new Large Tobacco Briefcase from Saddleback Leather:

Comparing the two bags (outdoors):

Comparing the two bags (indoors):

I sold the Coach bag on Ebay, and I am definitely much happier with the Large Briefcase from Saddleback Leather