noob here. i tried searching for this topic but couldn't find an answer to this so please forgive me if this has already been asked a million times. can i wrap tape over AA batteries? I recently got a quark mini AA2 and I noticed that the batteries rattle a little. also there isn't a spring where the batteries make contact with the flashlight head. I fear of the possibility that I drop the light and the batteries slam down on the internal circuitry in the head and break it. I was hoping to negate both problems by wrapping some tape around the batteries so they fit snugly inside the chamber.

so which types of AA, if any, are safe to wrap with tape? it only takes one layer of tape for a snug fit so it wouldn't be much but I heard some batteries types such as NiHM have vents that are used to expel gas so I don't know if I would be causing harm to the batteries if I block the vents. Thanks for any help.