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Thread: Replacing EDC Wave

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    For ten years I've EDCed a Leatherman Wave. I lost it recently and can't decide what it's replacement will be. My wave was the original one, I think I like the newer one a little better. I want a tool with a decent knife, that can be opened with one hand. Any suggestions of tools I should look at other than the wave?

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    The leatherman sidekick is pretty nice. I don't have a specific industry that i needed it for so i tried to find one that is just good for general purpose. I LOVE it. the blade on it is sharp and can be opened with one hand.

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    Well what exactly are you looking for? Something lighter (less tools)? Something with more tools (bigger/heavier)? I'd say it's hard to beat the wave/charge series for an all around general multitool.

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    What is your budget? I bought a used Charge TTi on eBay for $60. I was debating the Newer Wave or the TTi. They are basically the same thing. I love the bit drivers. The TTi crimpers are surprisingly effective too. The TTi also has an S30V blade. Fantastic steel and much better than the softer 420HC of the Wave.

    If you do decide to buy off eBay, make sure the pics show the multi-tool open so you can be sure it is a newer version or not the versions with double bit drivers.

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    I EDC a Charge TTi, and have yet to see a better tool on the market. That said, the Sidekick and Wingman tools offer most of the virtues of the Wave and Charge models at a much lower price, if you are buying new.

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    this is weird. I noticed the necro thread and decided to check out the OP's profile. Says he hasn't logged in since 2007.

    back on topic, I would suggest the Charge TTi as well. If the wave works for ya, the Charge will too.
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    Default Re: Replacing EDC Wave

    JakeRStock, as a new member bumped this 2010 thread, and others continued posting here. The OP's last post (not in this thread) was in early 2011, when you check his latest posts. Not much purpose in continuing this old thread, as OP in not paying attention to it.


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