Well here it goes,

I am making an sst 50 mag for my dad, got the drive and the led off ebay. Two top bin sst50 and 2 multi mode drivers for 60$

The driver is made for 2x 18650 or 26650 cells, input 5.4 to 8.4 volts, output 4.3 mah +- 200 mah.

Mode goes as follows, 30% 10% 100% strobe sos off

I hooked everything up connected led too driver making sure too observe polarity, led is hanging on the end of the wires because i have not received my artic alumina.

I taped all open connection as too make sure nothing would short.

So i dont know if this is what caused my problem but cycling thru the modes i think when i got too high my soldering on the led on one of the contact pads came undone. When i touched the led i almost burned myself ! So is my driver giving too much current or is running my led without proper heatsinking is what caused my solder too heatup enought that it would desolder.

Any input, advice, commentary or experiences is greatly appreciated.