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Thread: Sunway(man) M40A Review

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    Default Sunway(man) M40A Review

    Hi Everyone,

    It's been a while since my last review as moving to college tends to mess up your schedule for a while I've got winter break so I have time to write these a few last reviews.

    What I've got here is a sunway(man) LED light. Sunway is a recently new player in the flashlight market, but they've come up with many products since they first came up and are quickly gaining popularity with us enthusiasts. They know what they're doing!

    Here are the specs of this particular light:

    • Cree MC-E Emitter
    • 4*1.5V AA(Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium) batteries
    • Three modes constant output: 500 Lumens (1 hrs)- 150 Lumens (5 hrs)-15 Lumens (60 hrs) Strobe mode:500 Lumens (1.5 hrs)
    • Magnetic control ring
    • Dimension:144mm (length) x 57 mm (head diameter) x 40 mm (body diameter)
    • Military Specification Type III hard anodized
    • Accessories: lanyard, O-ring

    Apologies on the dust! seems that my room at home has become dustier since I've left.

    Size Comparisons:

    apologies on the spelling of rogue

    Comparison Beamshots:

    Apologies, my collection has been drastically reduced and these are the only comparable lights I can take pictures of.

    The donut only shows up when the light is very close to the wall. I believe it almost completely disappears at a distance.

    White Wall Shots:

    Shutter Speed is not specified -- the white wall shots are meant to show artifacts, rings, etc in the beam, not for brightness comparison.

    Outdoor Beamshots:

    Sunway(man) M40A 4xAA


    Sunway instantly caught my eye when they first came out. When the sample finally arrived, I was not disappointed. They certainly have quite a bit of experience in making high quality products!

    I couldn't find any anodizing faults on my sample, it's very easy to grip the M40A, knurling is well place on the rear of the battery tube as to not interfere with control ring function. Unfortunately, the control ring is placed right below some heat sink fins which, on first glance, were mistaken to be the control rings.

    The control ring on the light is very smooth, and has indents on each mode. I found it very easy to get to any mode quickly, though I sometimes activated strobe mode when trying to go from zero to high.

    Opening the battery compartment, you find large square threads on the head. I think these threads are one of the best I've ever experienced. There is a nice positive spring loaded contact on the head, and an aluminum negative contact. The battery holder is very high quality, and surprisingly enough, reversible! Sunway really thought this design through. As you can probably tell, I am very impressed with the quality of this light. I would highly recommend it to people looking for high output without switching to li-ion chemistry.

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    Default Re: Sunway(man) M40A Review

    CSSHIH....all the pictures for this review are now gone
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