Hey guys

The one in question is a Fenix LD05.

It's max lumens are around 100, however I'm only getting around 10 lumens max, even on high.

It worked admirably for about 7-8 months, however a couple days ago it stopped working properly.

There were Ni-MH duracell rechargables in it at the time. I am assuming it happened while I was asleep. Perhaps I turned it on during the night by accident and it might have fallen about 2-3ft onto the floor.

When I woke up and got ready, I put it on for the day (waistband clip). There was a rustling and sound of footsteps at the end of a dark hallway around 10pm that evening. I took it out and clicked the switch... Nothing... My LD05 failed me at a time of dire need.

So the batteries were dead?

I replaced with some 5 year old alkalines, and the light I got was VERY dim, perhaps 5 lumens max on high. I then cracked open a new set of duracell ultra alkalines and popped them in... Slightly brighter, however still I'd guess the max is between 5-10 lumens.

Recap: Activated during the night, drained the Ni-MH batteries, put in new batteries, light is VERY dim.

What is wrong with my Fenix LD05?

Troubleshooting: I unscrewed it at both ends and cleaned the contacts and ensured there was no moisture... Still didn't fix it.