Hello everybodies, nice to meet you here, actually I'm not the newbie on CPF, just forgot the ID and PW long long time ago, so that I just always can act as an observer anyway.

Originally Ive already posted the below information to follow the thread Lumintop TD-15 Terminator (XP-G R5) Thrower Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS and more! which is written by our CPFs giant - Selfbuilt. However, I am receiving many member required to separate this model to a single thread, for easy referece and search by keywords.

I have both the Lumintop TD-15 and TD-15X, besides of the operation mode(TD-15 has two operation mode but TD-15X just only one, lo-mid-high-strobe), the die of LED, circuit board and reflecter, I think there has no difference in between. If there is the case, any technical spec. such like dimension, package included and whatsoever, please kindly refer to the review of TD-15 which is our genies Selfbuilt's to made.

In this level of flashlight, frankly I wont concern about the brand name so much, just the flashlight itself and the solution to provide I will pay attention. Yeah I am interested about what is the performance of XM-L based LED to equipped with this type of Tactical Flashlight, is this possible to release the peak performance generated by the latest model of LED? Everybodies knew that XM-L based LED must drive the sufficient current to achieve the excellent output, but how about the runtime? How to solve the heat generated by the LED itself and circuit board? In addition of Flux increased, what is the actual position for the XM-L based LED, how about the throw ability when compare with the thrower TD-15 etc., all and all the question is my concern and showing interest.

Back to the TD-15X, actually I like the original operation mode of TD-15 more than TD-15X, especially when running the CS war game. Tactical mode of TD-15 can be easily to blind the enemies eye, or light up the target to shoot instantly, just like the Olight M30/M21's tail switch function.

Ok, let's go ahead to see what this TD-15X will give us....

The shape of TD-15X, just is identical with TD-15 model.

The logo printing is distinctive mark of to identify which is TD-15/TD-15X

I noticed that the major difference of TD-15/TD-15X are the thread of head side, but frankly, I cannot feel that what differ when twist the head, both are very smooth the feeling, may be TD-15X is more secure when you tighten the head, and not easy to loose...

No doubt the finishing of TD-15X is better than the TD-15 model, although it just is a slightly improved, but this represent that the new comer are moving forward, a good signal for all flashaholic's.

Same as TD-15, TD-15X also can use the extension tube, if there is the case, when using the ext. tube, according to the manufacturer, the support voltage of TD-15X would be 5V~13V, that's mean TD-15X fully support 1x18650, 2x18650, 2xCR123, 2x16340, 1x18650+1xCR123, 1x18650+1x16340, 3xCR123, 3x16340, 4xCR123...at your convenience. But pls bear in mind that TD-15X is not support 4x16340 at the moment, as long as Lumintop has further notice and improvement to do it.

I don't know what's the final configuration of TD-15X's global version would be, in native market, TD-15X can drive 2.5Amp current output, but it must be driven by more than single cell (equipped with ext. tube or 2xCR123/16340) to achieve, single cell just only can provide 1.8~2.0Amp current as well, based on what kind of battery to use and which level of current can be achieved, for example, AW battery will prefer to use.

The handling of TD-15X, ugly or not is under individual comment, personally so far so good I think, flexibility is the strength of TD-15/TD-15X, and if talking about mount on rifle, there is no other XM-L equipped tacticle based flashlight can provide the same feeling at the moment - next one would be counted on Olight M3X, a winner of condenser based XM-L equipped flashlight, but a bit larger the head when compare with TD-15/TD-15X. Actually I love my Olight M31 as well, a must buy flashlight in this range of torch.

The reflector of TD-15X and TD-15, it is totally difference, I think we cannot consider which one is better, since the die of LED are not the same, so the performance will not identical, you can see that what is the difference and performance under my comparison, I will post it later than.

The quality and built of the reflector is excellent, so the beamshot/hotspot is very good to form.