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Thread: Surefire Helmet Light redesign

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    Default Surefire Helmet Light redesign

    I was at Surefire yesterday, getting a broken tailcap replaced.

    I noticed this on the display dummy.

    They have redesigned the Helmet light. The light itself is merely a cosmetic/aesthetic design change. The more interested change is the new ratcheting mount.

    Now the light can be rotated on the mount. According to the employee that was helping me, it is backwards compatible with the original helmet light.

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    Default Re: Surefire Helmet Light redesign

    Yay! I just recently bought one (due to arrive this week) and i think i got the older version...i hope its still good as the latest model.

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    Default Re: Surefire Helmet Light redesign

    I realize I'm bumping an old thread, but I've noticed this "2nd gen" helmet light has much more focused output than the 1st gen.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to slightly diffuse the LED output?

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