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Thread: Input on Backyard Arbor lighting

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    Default Input on Backyard Arbor lighting

    Hello everyone, I have recently found this forum and it seems awesome. Many projects are now stirring in my mind.

    However, I am helping my dad out with his backyard remodel and are going over lighting ideas. We are in the process of building an arbor that will have a fan

    and light unit in the center. His initial idea was to run some led rope light around the inside. However, after searching through the forum, we have been considering some strip smd lights mounted between the horizontal beams, just enough to illuminate. Perhaps mounting them on the backside of the inner beam in hopes that the light will reflect off of the outer beam and indirectly light the area under the arbor. The center fan light will be there for bigger lighting needs.

    Also, we want to light the areas along the fence with a fixture on the arbor. There will be a water feature and planter eventually. RGB strips or spots would be neat.

    So that leaves some questions having never viewed led strips in person:

    1. Will 1m long white strips be sufficient mounted up in the beams? Shorter? Longer?

    2. How much throw will an RGB strip provide to light the surrounding fence/planter area if mounted to the cross beam of the arbor? Distance is 10ft to the fence.

    Sorry for the long post...



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    Default Re: Input on Backyard Arbor lighting

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    01-16-2011 06:40 PM #2 purduephotog

    How much light do you want?

    I used a 5m DX strip in a small closed- some photos are listed on this site here:
    Anyways, they produce alot of light but might need some small mods. Is your structure water proofed at the roof? You said there was a fan in it.
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