I just built a p60 drop in using a triple xp-g board and a Badboy nexgen 750, I was powering it with 2x IMR 16340s. I put it all together, soldered everything, and potted the badboy to my aluminum pill with arctic alumina thermal adhesive. Fired it up and It worked great - I only used it in short bursts, but I was very pleased. Then I decided to let the light run for a bit to see if it would get hot, I turned it on, and after about 20 seconds the light shut down. I opened it up and there was a bad burnt electronics sort of smell... I tested the leds by direct driving them, and they still work, also tried it with multiple different batteries, and still no dice. So I assume it must be the driver. Not sure If it was just too much input current for the badboy to handle? I tried taking an amperage draw reading while the light was still working - but it wouldn't register on my multimeter. Which i also very strange, as I know the multimeter is fine.

I had assumed that the Badboy would be fine with driving 3 leds in series at 750 ma - after seeing some 3x cree builds by Icarius and others...

Any advice as to where I went wrong, or as to any possible fixes?

Thanks, RJK.