So I decided to dig out my Energizer hardcase.

byar. dead. Opened it up, and it looked like a car battery that was too old. All sorts of calcium buildups all over. I cleaned the crap out of everything, and put it all back together. Epic fail. Still no worky. What's the logical thing for me to do? Obviously tear the damn thing apart.

Flashlight now is down to all of it's parts. I salvaged the rather robust circuit board, as well as the wires, and all 4 LEDs. Dunno what in the hell i'm going to do with it all yet, but I'm thinking of making 4 separate flashlights. one blue, one red, one IR, and one with the Big Hoss main deathray beam. I have absolutely no idea how to get started on something like this, but that project will get it's own thread, and I'll bug all of you with questions when I start on that. Wheee!

On to the blast from the past. I started digging around in a drawer that I don't use very often and grabbed on to something hard, was all WTF ( ), and came up with this guy

I had completely forgotten that I even had this, I apparently hijacked it from my parents' house long enough ago that everyone forgot.

ANYWAY, now that I have this spectacular example of year 2000 technology, I want to ask the esteemed flashaholics if there is a way to drop a LED into this bish. What do you guys think? Don't set this n00b astray, now!