I bought one of these at HD the other day and just couldnt resist taking it apart.

After looking it over and not finding any screws or obvoius tabs, i figured that the best place to start was the silver plastic top. It came off with a little prying...

With the top off it reveals 3 pair of wires and releases the yellow plastic lenses/remote phosphor

interesting, 18 royal blue rebels.

Rebels on a PCB

It appears to be a solid ceramic PCB. I dont think ive ever seen one used for power LED before, How does something like this compare to a MPCB? ,FR4?

typical grey thermal pad.

This is a shot of it in my basement sans-phosphors. If you look closely you can see the phosphors glowing while sitting on the washing machine. The camera dosent do a very good job of showing what this actually looks like, its much bluer , almost blacklightish in real life.

Closeup of bulb with only 1 phosphor lens attached.I only included this one because i thought it looked neat.

After closer inspection of the small pcb on the top it appears all 18 leds are wired in series. I took this reading by unplugging one the sets of leds and connecting the meter up with a similar one i had in the junk box. Starts out at 205mA and over the course of about an hour it worked its way down to about 203mA.

Question: wouldnt you get more lumens out of 18 white rebels? By my calculations: 18 rebel es's (LXML-PWN2) at 200mA would be somewhere around 1080lm*. Also it seems that white is cheaper then royal blue. Mabey once a diffuser is added this method results in more OTF lumens?

* datasheet shows a factor of ~0.3@200mA = 60lm (based on 200lm@700ma)