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Thread: Spark ST5-125OW vs Zebralight H51W

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    Default Spark ST5-125OW vs Zebralight H51W

    Does anyone have both the Spark ST5-125OW and Zebralight H51W? I have the H51W, but the Spark looks tempting! Has anyone done there own comparison and what were your thoughts? I heard the Spark total weight is more than advertised, is this true? Is one more of a flood than the other? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Spark ST5-125OW vs Zebralight H51W

    Yes, the weight on the website of Spark is incorrect.

    My laboratory balance says:

    104.6 g (lamp, Eneloop, belt)
    64.1 g (lamp, Eneloop)

    I use the Spark with a reduced belt, which means I had removed the over the top belt part.

    91.5 g (lamp, Eneloop, reduced belt)

    Because the Spark is my only LED lamp I cannot compare the beam.
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    Default Re: Spark ST5-125OW vs Zebralight H51W

    I had both, but sent the Spark back because it had the weird flicker problem others have reported. I did do a beamshot comparison before I sent it back:

    H51 on the left, Spark ST5 on right. Note the wide spill of the spark, visible in the lower right.

    The new version has the XM-L emitter, which will change the beam profile.

    I liked the Spark a lot while I had it - the memorized level was nice, and the protrusion of the lens away from my head reduced the glare on my glasses. I am looking forward to getting it back for a more in-depth comparison.

    Oh, looks like the weight has been corrected for the newer versions.

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