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    I've been looking for a good hand warmer that uses lighter fluid to power it. I'm not interested in the chemical type you sqeeze to generate heat with chemical reaction or the type you heat in the microwave.

    I just want an old-fashioned naptha or lighter fluid hand warmer.

    Zippo has one out but I've read a lot of mixed reviews on it.

    There are a few on eBay by different manufacturers and a lot of them sell for cheap. I'm always leery of too cheap, though I do love a bargain. Any ideas on these?

    There are also a ton of vintage hand warmers on Ebay but sometimes vintage means beat up, or that repalcment parts are hard or impossible to get.

    Does anybody know of a decent quality hand warmer that I can buy new that will last 8-12 hours (or more) on a single fill?


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    called the Jon-ee handwarmer. there are also the new USB rechargeable ones, but only good for a couple hours. Also a new fannypack style called Hot pocket? see cabela's

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    thinkgeek.com has a handwarmer similar to the one I lost a few years back. Though this one they sell is in the shape of a heart, you can hide it easily and not have to worry about getting beat up at work. This is a really neat gizmo.....
    The shell is a flexible plastic and contains a type of fluid inside and a metal disc. In liquid form, you bend the disc until you hear a "click" and almost instantly the liquid turns into a solid and generates a comfortable heat and will last for quite a long time. Once you are done, you throw it in a mpot with water and boil it until it turns to liquid once again. Not sure how many uses you will get as I lost mine long ago, but this may be something up your alley.

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