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Thread: basement lighting - pics

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    Default basement lighting - pics

    Hello everyone,

    New member here. Wow, I'm glad I found this forum. I'm a bit of a lighting fanatic and this forum has some really interesting discussions.

    I finished my basement a couple of years ago and wanted to create a different look rather that the boring neutral beige which is so prevalent. Ive always liked the use of color in bars and so I got the idea of doing something similar.

    I did the entire build myself including the electrical so I was able to design a lighting system that is very flexible. Many switches control the lighting so I can change the look of the basement easily. I originally had regular incandescent bulbs in all fixtures, but recently went with some colored CFLs and one of the new Philips LED floodlight.

    Everyone has their preference for color temp and I've experimented with all kinds of variations. I've decided that for me, I prefer warmer colors as I find the higher K bulbs just too blue.

    Anyway, here are some pics...

    The original lighting...

    Current lighting setup... colored CFLs with a combo of GU10 and MR11 accent lighting. I also added some table/floor lamps because they add a certain type of coziness that is unique to that type of lighting.

    Card table LED light - this is one of my favorite bulbs. It produces very good color rendition with a CRI of 85 and it spots the table nicely without throwing light all around the room and destroying the atmosphere.

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    Default Re: basement lighting - pics

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    Just hope you don't find that the primary use of that pool table in five years is folding laundry...
    I apologize that this letter is so long; I did not have time to write a short letter


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    Welcome to CPF, seadragon! Your basement looks awesome.

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