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Thread: SMT resistor question

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    Default SMT resistor question

    Can someone explain those numbers to me?

    I am an electronics noob so I have no idea what they mean...

    The R1/R2 values shown on the driver's product page (0.1, 0.12 etc.), are they in ohms?

    Also the percentage, does it stand for resistance tolernce? Is it better to have a lower percentage (1% instead of 5%)?

    Also what's the power and voltage rating of these resistors, shown here

    Do those numbers matter?

    For example, which of these resistors can be used on the Shoppe's blank driver boards? Which are suitable and which are not?

    Please advise.

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    Default Re: SMT resistor question

    Resistors are in ohms

    Please use the resistor calculator . There is a list of resistor values and calculator link on the page.
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    Default Re: SMT resistor question

    Wayne gave me a better (and more detailed) answer weeks before, although he didn't address all my questions.
    That was before the CPF servers went down.
    Now that post is gone. A few other threads also have follow-up posts disappeared.
    I wonder if Greta could restore these lost posts...?

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    Default Re: SMT resistor question

    Yes, the numbers listed on the resistors the Shoppe sells are the values. Generally for most other SMT components the markings are a different standard. If you Google you will find out how to read them. Lower tolerance is more precise. They are sense resistors so you won't need to be too concerned about power ratings. If they fit, they should be good enough. The size is 0603. Unfortuantely your links do not work.

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    I wonder if Greta could restore these lost posts...?
    It wasn't possible, it was part of the crash. All the details were covered on the MP.

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