I have found the shelf life of the CR123A Titaniums is much shorter than that of the Surefire's. What is the shelf life of an CR123A anyway?

A few years ago I purchased some Surefire batteries. I used some and had several spares that sat in the carrier in my car. I then learned of the Titaniums from Battery Junction and for $1, I bought about 50 of them. I used the Titaniums sparingly over the next few years and have probably 30 left, still shrink wrapped. I also have about 8 Surefire's. One day, I put some new Titaniums in my A2 Aviator. The incandescent bulb wouldn't lite up, but the LED's did. I thought the bulb was bad. Then I put some Titaniums in my 6p and they were very dim. I then took out another package of Titaniums an put them on a multi-meter to check the voltage. Every one of them was virtually dead. I've got 30 shrink wrapped batteries that are dead. I tested the Surefire's and they are still perfect. I will never again order the Titaniums.