Hi guys,

I have some doubtful issues about charging 2 pcs of 18650 Trustfire 2400 mAH protected (red/black flame label). try some googling over the net and this forum but not found definite explanation, so I guess can ask directly to all of you who might have answers from experience.

i used the batteries for couple of weeks now for Skyray SR5 (with Cree XPG R5, this light is clone of seraph P6) and they never really out of power. initially i charged them with universal charger output 360 mA and the indicator turn green after around 3 hours (less than 5 times charging, total for both batteries).

now i use trustfire TR001. after discharge the battery using the flashlight on high mode over night (the battery will not out, since the light is always switch off to low mode when the power is not really enough for long time high mode).

charge both of them for more than 5 hours, but the indicator still red. i measure the voltage using analog multimeter, the reading is about 4.2v.

why does it happen? is the charger really that slow? how long the charging time to make it turn green? or the charger/battery is damage?

the stated output is 500mA, so i guess 5 hours is enough rite? i worry if i push it for more hours, the cell will overcharged.

other things. when i used the cell with the flashlight:

case A: one of the battery only cause a warm temperature to the whole flashlight body even after 1 hour

case B: while the other one is immediately produce hot surface to the entire body, from head to tail cap after 10 minutes but in my personal eyes, it is brighter than the other one.

which one is normal/correct situation?

i have tried both of the batteries for lighting over the night (more than 10 hours) and there is no overheat on the flashlight.

all view are highly appreciated. thank you.