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Thread: Wee vs Raw for Necklace light

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    Default Wee vs Raw for Necklace light

    I want to know what you guys think of each (size, output, efficiency, ease of use..)

    I'm planning to wear this on my necklace.

    Also, can anybody take a shot of the lanyard hole of each light? I want to see the position it will take when hung from a neck chain.


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    Default Re: Wee vs Raw for Necklace light

    Before the server went down I replied to this thread. So, I'll comment. I own a Lummi Raw NS; a Wee NS; & a Wee TI. The Wee TI I wear on a titanium bead chain necklace daily. It is light weight & very convenient. The Raw NS I consider too heavy to wear on a necklace comfortably. The Wee gets about 35 minutes of light between charges.

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    Default Re: Wee vs Raw for Necklace light

    In complete agreeance about the Raw being too big, I'd definitely go with the Wee, or my personal favorite a Draco, which would give you three levels instead of one. When a multi-level Wee comes available I can't wait to get another.
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