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Thread: Leatherman Charge SLV - Keep or upgrade?

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    Default Leatherman Charge SLV - Keep or upgrade?

    Hi Folks,

    I've been very happy with my mk1 Wave for the last few years but it's time to buy a new multi-tool (the Wave went as a present to a skipper on my last African fishing trip).

    I've been offered a Charge SLV (a UK Costco special from a few years ago, it's still in the blister pack with a C303 knife) and I'm wondering whether to go for that or whether there's a better option.....

    I was very happy with the Wave mk1 so anything with the same features/quality plus a bit driver should fit the bill. The only thing I've seen on recent tools which was a turn-off was the crimping cut-out on the Charge TTi (for me superfluous and removes grip surface from the jaws).

    I do a lot of saltwater fishing but the multi-tool is rarely used on the boat as I have fishing specific pliers and crimpers. Main purpose would be for running repairs/chores when travelling in Africa.

    Would be grateful for people's opinions of the SLV vs the more modern tools. Doesn't have to be Leatherman but I've used them for the last fifteen odd years with no complaints .

    As a wildcard piece of randomness.... I carry fishing pliers and a Pacific Salt when on fishing trips anyway, what about a robust tool that had bit drivers, scissors etc but dispensed with pliers and blades?? Not sure that a SAK would be robust enough but haven't tried the smaller LM Juice/Squirt tools. Any feedback on these?

    Any advice would be much appreciated



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    Default Re: Leatherman Charge SLV - Keep or upgrade?

    The Leatherman Charge SLV is still a current tool. The standard production model is the Charge AL. If it is going for decent price I would get it (think it retailed in Costco for approx £70).

    My personal favourite tool at the moment is the Victorinox Swisstool Spirit. All tools are outside opening and it is extremely corrosion resistant.
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