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Thread: Japan eartquake and tsunami

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    Default Japan eartquake and tsunami

    We at the Sandwich Shoppe would like to express our concerns, condolences and send hopes and prayers to all affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami and many aftershocks.

    We have watched the events unfold on the TV, internet etc. as nature unleashes it's fury. We all know so many CPFers and Sandwich Shoppe friends are from Japan, Hawaii and California. We wish the best for you and your families.

    Please feel free to post here to let us know you are okay or tell us your story.
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    We heard from a friend in Yokohama and another in Fujisawa.
    There was a lot of damage from the earthquakes but none from the tsunami.

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    Honestly nothing much could be done, except pray.

    I heard that major network cables under the sea have been damaged so I'm actually more concerned with the stability of internet connection, which has now become slow and many webpages can't even load properly (even connection to the Shoppe is very slow). This is bad to online shopping especially when errors occur during the secure checkout process.

    Since Wayne works in the technology sector he probably knows this better then I do.

    Meanwhile I haven't heard much from the news regarding damage in Kanagawa (let alone the aforementioned two areas). Hope the folks there are doing all right.
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